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WW1 Phase 2 – York Castle Museum

We previously extended the world famous Victorian Street in June 2012. The extension included new backstreets, York businesses & thousands more goods on display. It showcased 100 years of York’s history in one place. The new 2014 exhibition promises fascinating displays & innovative new ways of learning about York’s past, and will bring the First […]

Date of post: Mon Jun 2014

Dorman Museum

The Dorman Museum is situated in Linthorpe within the borough of Middlesbrough and the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire, England. The Dorman Museum houses a large collection of items from the fantastic to the fabulous, celebration Middlesbrough’s heritage through natural history and geology to social history and Victorian arts and craft. We are delighted to […]

Date of post: Mon Jun 2014

Abbey House Museum

The Abbey House is a lively, interactive museum situated in Kirkstall, Leeds. It houses authentic Victorian Streets for a glimpse of the life in the 19th century Leeds. RS Heritage are currently in the middle of the refurbishment of two galleries within Abbey House, both educational and display galleries.

Date of post: Mon Jun 2014

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Abbeydale Hamlet is a unique eighteenth century industrial works; you are able to see worker’s houses, waterwheels, tilt hammers, a grinding hull, workshops and the only intact crucible steel furnace surviving in the world today. Restoration of Abbeydale started in April 2013, some of the work including new multi-media gallery and learning centre, and also […]

Date of post: Mon Jun 2014

York Castle Museum – WW1 project

The terror of total war and it revolutionary impact it has on many people’s lives around the world is the focus of the new exhibition on the First World Was at York Castle Museum. 1914: When the world changes forever. The new exhibition takes visitors on a journey through every aspect of the war. This […]

Date of post: Thu Aug 2014

What makes Good Museum Exhibit Design?

When we visit a Museum we go in with expectations; visiting museums can teach us, delight us and inspire us. Permanent or temporary exhibits can be fantastic to visit, as individuals, families or groups. But what makes a ‘great’ museum design? Of course it lies to the experience visitors receive while at an exhibit and […]

Date of post: Tue Dec 2014