Kirkgate Castle Museum, York


Eye of York

Project Value:




“The Victorian world just got bigger.”

York Castles Museum’s World-famous recreated Victorian Street has been transformed and expanded for 2012; this is the first time since 1938. It is the oldest recreated street in any museum in Britain. Some of the work RS Heritage carried out included extending the famous street by adding new backstreets, York businesses and putting thousands more goods on display.

Kirkgate has charmed visitors to York Castle Museum for nearly 80 years, with its recreated shops, packed with genuine Victorian objects, cobbled street and horse drawn Hansom cab. A new alleyway off the main Kirkgate Street, called Rowntree Snicket opened in 2012 to portray the poverty of Victorian York.

New research means that we were able to base the refurbishment of the Victorian Street on real businesses which operated in York between 1870 and 1901.