Power Plant Earth Visitor Centre


Reykjanes, Iceland

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Power plant earth is an exhibition located in Reykjanesvirkjun a geothermal power plant owned by HS. Orka hf. The power plant is not far from the edge of Reykjanes lighthouse and bridge between two continents.

From the ‘big bang theory’ of how the universe evolved from the size on a grapefruit to the harnessing of geothermal power in the Reykjanes peninsula, the exhibition shows how man utilizes different energy sources and how we benefit from it in our everyday lives. The exhibitions most impressive show piece is a geothermal turbine generating 50 MW of “green” electrical power, enough to keep Reykjavik city running on a good day.

Also, the planets of our solar system have been placed according to scale and distance throughout the Reykjanes peninsula and the sun itself sits in the lava field in front of the main entrance of the exhibition.