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What makes Good Museum Exhibit Design?

When we visit a Museum we go in with expectations; visiting museums can teach us, delight us and inspire us. Permanent or temporary exhibits can be fantastic to visit, as individuals, families or groups.

But what makes a ‘great’ museum design? Of course it lies to the experience visitors receive while at an exhibit and what they are able to take away with them.

Here are some top tips on what you need to consider when designing a new exhibit in order for it to be a success;

Draw visitors to the Museum – create interest! 

Whether you are designing a small exhibit in a local museum, or a larger exhibit which relies on drawing visitors & tourists from further afield,  there has to be interest and a buzz created around the museum/exhibit to ensure a steady traffic of visitors.

Tell a story

The best way to engage your visitors and make them feel like they are a part of history is through storytelling, tell a linear story with your exhibit that will make the visitors want to find out more & more!

Embrace technology 

Technology is forever expending and improving, it is a brilliant way to capture the attention of visitors by integrating technologies such as interactive displays, videos and even mobile apps. This will not only make your exhibit more interesting, but it will also appeal to the younger visitors.

Present art & artifacts in interesting ways

Be creative! Find interesting ways of displaying artwork or artifacts that are part of your exhibit, this is another way to get your visitors interest.

Always have the end user in mind when planning

Before you even start the design process, make sure you know who your trying to attract to the exhibit. Entertain and educate with your exhibit and then design your exhibit bearing the end user in mind every step of the way!