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York Castle Museum – WW1 project

The terror of total war and it revolutionary impact it has on many people’s lives around the world is the focus of the new exhibition on the First World Was at York Castle Museum. 1914: When the world changes forever. The new exhibition takes visitors on a journey through every aspect of the war.

This exhibition has been four years in the making; the exhibition takes place in the newly created suite of exhibition spaces on the first floor of the museum. It holds a mixture of iconic objects and also shares personal stories which are used to explore the outbreak of war.

One of the biggest challenges us here at RS Heritage faced whilst designing and building the new exhibition was the fact that we were working in a listed building which has long corridors and small rooms. It has taken a great deal of planning to make it all work and hang together.

The main corridor of the exhibition space has been turned into a trench system where visitors walk from the English front line, over no-man’s land into the German trench and into open woodland. We have encompassed the different aspects of the war into the trench.

We have done a great deal of set work and scenic paintwork, and have worked very closely with the curatorial team to ensure that we are showing off their objects to their best advantage.

One of the aspects of the new exhibition that we are particularly pleased with is the area of reflection that we created. It is very simply furnished with a small case in the centre which will display a range of different iconic objects. We have covered the room’s walls with blackboards which allows visitors of the museum getviagranoprescription to share their thoughts. Every day there boards are full of people’s reflections and it has been incredibly moving to read.

The new exhibition will be open for five years, changing to reflect the different events of the First World War throughout the period.